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This is why we are dedicated to making your experience the best possible. The easiest way to get any question answered is to contact us. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. For your convenience we added answers to some common questions below.


Q. What materials do iC Murals use?

We have two unique materials made to suit a wider range of design preferences, Standard Adhesive Canvas and Premium Adhesive Vinyl. Both are self-adhesive (no additional paste or adhesive required), removable, and reusable. Both have matte finish.

Our Standard Canvas is great for wall murals and is the highest quality material available on the market except for our proprietary Premium Canvas. The Standard Fabric is thin, receives print very well, and is an excellent option for most applications. It is the less textured option that truly allows our inks to pop! It has an extremely tight weave in order to make it more opaque than traditional wallcovering fabric.

Our Premium Canvas is a proprietary material not sold by any other wall mural company and it is above and beyond in terms of quality. It is thicker, and it has the look and feel of an artist’s canvas. The Premium Canvas material would make Picasso proud. It is the clear choice for fine art reproductions and anything else that requires a high-end presentation. It is thick and the easiest to install! It will create more of a textured and painted feel.

Q. How long will my wall mural stay up?

This depends on the surface the mural is applied to. A mural will last for many years in an average environment. Cleaning the wall before installation is key to making a mural last for years to come.

Q. Will the wall murals hurt my walls or paint? Even if it's up for years?

No, the peel and stick wall murals we produce will not damage your walls no matter how long they are applied to a wall. The reason for this is we use no adhesive growing agents in our adhesive. Most adhesives grow overtime to the surface they are applied to because they have a property in the adhesive that becomes stronger over time. Our adhesive does not have this property allowing it to be applied to a surface for many, many years and still be able to be peeled off with ease without hurting the wall or paint.

Q. Do any of your wall murals pre-pasted or require paste?

Yes, our paper is pre-pasted and our vinyl requires paste. Our Fabric and Canvas wall murals are adhesive backed so no paste or setting is required. Just peel and stick.

Q. Can I install a wall mural in a bathroom or a room with high amount of moisture?

Absolutely! Our wall murals can withstand the high moisture in bathrooms and other high moisture rooms. When installing the mural, make sure that the wall is completely dry of any moisture and dust.

Q. Do you have any commercial grade wall murals?

Yes, our Premium Canvas is class A category VI type III approved.

Q. Can I wash my wall mural?

Yes, you can wash your wall mural with a damp rag.

Q. If I want to get a professional to hang my wall mural, who do I call?

If you prefer to hire a professional to hang your mural you might want to consult the listings of the Wallcovering Installers Association.

Q. Can I get my murals in gray scale?

Yes, every order is customizable. For no additional expense on orders over $300 our team of talented graphic designers and photo retouchers can do simple adjustments to the image such as cropping, making it greyscale, black and white, or sepia.

Q. How many times can I move my wall mural?

While in theory they can be moved as many times as you want, we suggest only 2-3 times or the murals may lose tack. The reason why the wall murals would start to lose tack to the wall would be from gathering dirt off your hands while moving the mural. Make sure before you handle a wall mural your hands are clean and try to avoid touching the adhesive as much as possible. Try to avoid touching the very edges of the corners of the wall mural as much as possible.

Q. Can I use my wall mural outdoors?

IC Murals, murals can be placed outside on a short term basis. It is not recommended for any longer than a few months due to the harsh weather conditions that can affect the adhesive and inks.

Q. What surfaces are recommended?

Our murals will stick to a variety of surfaces without damaging the surface underneath. For best results a surface must be flat, smooth, and clean for our murals to work best. This includes drywall, glass, finished wood, cement, and others. We do not recommend brick, cinder block, wooden paneling or other non-flat or textured surfaces but we have had applications that worked on these surfaces.

Q. Can I put my mural on top of something else?

Yes, you can. However, we do not recommend it as the mural will only stick as well as whatever is underneath and there is higher chance for dust and dirt to get underneath.


Q. Are your wall murals removable?

The removal process couldn’t be easier; just peel the mural off the wall. Our murals will not damage your walls or paint. Due to the unknown underlying surface condition, IC Murals is not responsible for any leftover adhesive residue or small paint chipping.

Q. How do I save my wall mural?

After removing your wall mural, place it flat on the backing paper you saved from the original installation. Make sure to keep the adhesive side free of dust and dirt. Murals can be stored on the backing paper, however IC Murals cannot guarantee the results of your mural’s reapplication as we cannot verify proper handling. For best results, re-install immediately, more extended storage time can shorten your mural’s lifespan.


Q. What can I make into a wall graphic?

The options are limitless. Any picture you have that is high enough resolution (and not trademarked of course) can be printed for your walls. It doesn’t just stop at pictures though; any artwork or vector file can be printed as well.

Q. Can I customize one of the images or designs I find on your website?

Yes! Visit our shop page. Select your image, check the custom ratio box, and then enter your custom dimensions. If your mural requires additional tweaks, send us an email to: We will be happy to work with you personally!

Q. Does a custom mural cost extra?

We do not charge anything extra for custom murals if you provide the image. However, if you are requested any changes to an image beyond cropping, resizing, and minor color modifications such as making it greyscale, black and white, or sepia, then there is a charge. Custom design work, such as custom photo wall, collage, or product display, is billed at $65/hour.

Q. Is my image a high enough resolution or quality for a wall mural?

Don’t worry! Upload your image and our guide will let you know if it is recommended. For a more details, feel free to email us at We can help you decide if your image will turn out the way you want and if the quality is to your satisfaction. If we detect any issues with your image we will notify you before printing and will allow for a full refund of your order. Your full satisfaction is our goal.

Q. Is there a maximum size for murals?

It depends on the file type. Vector files are scalable to any size! Jpg images however, are limited by the pixel quality. The higher the pixel count, the larger your mural can be. If you’d like to better understand the types of images see our clear explanation here: Understanding Images.

For questions on how mural size contact us at We will do our best to develop a mural that exceeds your expectations!

Q. Can I purchase and use an image from a stock photo site?

Yes, although you want to make sure the photo file is large enough. You can give us a call during this process and we can help you with buying the right photo.

If you would like to select from the largest collection of fine art images, we will include the image complimentarily on orders over $600. Explore here: fine art image library.

For a huge library of stock photographs and vector images, explore here: stock image library.

Q. Can I use an image found on the Internet (like Google images?)

There are two issues here:

1. Usually the images on the Internet are not large enough for large format printing. If you want to search for high resolution images you can use Google Images and choose the “search tools” and then select “Size” larger than 4 MP. This will show images that are are larger. Not all large images are suitable for printing at full wall size. We’d be happy to examine your selection with you.

2. The other issue with this is you most likely will need permission/consent to use the photo. If in doubt, contact a Copyright attorney.

Q. What file format do you accept?

We accept JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PNG, AI, EPS and PDF images at this time. For files larger than 60mb please contact us directly at

Q. What if I am having trouble figuring out what I want?

Feel free to talk with our design team! We are here for you to help edit artwork you already have or start from scratch. We will use every resource at our disposal to make a truly unique wall covering for your home. Feel free to email us room photos for our best advice.


Q. Can I check the status of my order?

Of course! If you set up an account prior to placing your order, you can check the status online. Sign in to check the status of your order.

Q. How long will it take between the time I order my IC Murals, mural and the time I receive it?

It usually takes from 2 to 5 business days to process and print your order and, depending upon your preferred shipping method, another 1 to 6 business days to ship. If you did not receive your IC Murals, mural after 10 days, feel free to contact us. For more information on our shipping options, please refer to: Shipping Page

Q. Do you ship overseas?

Absolutely! Please note that customs fees, import taxes, brokerage fees, or duty fees are the responsibility of the customer only. IC Murals has no control over these fees. To know the shipping rate to your country, please visit: Shipping Page. If your country does not appear on our list of available delivery locations, please contact us in order to receive a shipping quote prior to placing your order.




Q. Do you take returns?

The workmanship of your mural is guaranteed. If you receive a damaged or defective product, please let us know and we’ll fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Q. I received my mural but I'm not sure about my image choice. Can I return it and choose a different image?

Please contact us within 30 days of receiving your order and we would be happy to exchange your order for a mural of equal value for no additional charge.

Q. My wall mural arrived damaged! What do I do?

If your order arrived damaged or defective, please follow the instructions below and one of our representatives will quickly ship out a replacement.

1.     Take a digital photo of the damaged item; include a photo of the box if it was also damaged.

2.     Attach your digital photos to an email and send them Be sure to include the full name on the order, order number, item name, and a brief description of the damage.

3.     You will receive an email within 1-2 business days to let you know that your return is being processed.


Q. Why IC Murals?

We offer the absolute highest quality materials and printing, matched with excellent customer service. We print our wall murals in the size that meets your needs, not in a handful of stock sizes that won't match the dimensions of your wall.