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What's It Made Of


All of our wall murals are commercial grade premium  adhesive vinyl.  Our murals and decals are printed with the industry's top printers. We offer both traditional and peel-and-stick wall murals on our high quality, made-in-house materials.


Finish Matte finish

Adhesive Proprietary adhesive that won't damage walls

Installation Simple peel-and-stick installation

Best for High-end, reusable murals

Ratings Type II Commercial grade, ASTM-E84 Class A Fire rating, PVC-free



The same material as our Premium Canvas, this un- pasted option offers high end looks you paste yourself.

Finish Matte finish

Adhesive None

Installation Use wallpaper paste

Best for High-end, permanent murals

Ratings Type II Commercial grade, ASTM-E84 Class A Fire rating



Unlike other peel-and-stick murals on the market, our proprietary adhesive contains no growing agents that make adhesives "grow into" the wall, causing damage when the murals are removed.

Thicker & More Durable

The Highest Quality Materials - Bar None

The murals are printed on the highest quality materials available as well on our exclusive premium canvas worthy of the finest art.

Our two most popular materials have a different look and feel. Our adhesive-backed fabric is smoother and thinner, with an exquisite capacity to display vivid colors with great precision. The premium adhesive-backed canvas has the texture of an art mural and the thickness to match. It brings a subtle texture to the wall regularly associated with fine art.

Don’t Worry, We’ll Stick Around

Our wall murals and wallpaper are adhesive backed so no paste is required! This adhesive is specially made for walls so that it will not damage the walls or paint on the walls during installation or removal.You can remove and install the murals/wallpaper multiple times without damaging the adhesive or the walls.If your project requires a material other then our main adhesive-backed materials, We supply other medias that require paste or are pre-pasted. Ask us about our other material offerings!