Zoom "Sting like a Bee" by Patrick Smith
Zoom "Sting like a Bee" by Patrick Smith

"Sting like a Bee" by Patrick Smith

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"Sting like a Bee"

Patrick's ability to connect to his subjects is a powerful gift. He gets lost in the expression and tones of the human face  rebirthing leaders and legends on canvas. Patrick is  very enthusiastic about portrait art; and is inspired by the likes of Basquait, Patrick Nagel, Baldwin and Jacob Lawrence, to name a few. He is always been moved by the intensity of their work. He says he sees the emotion in their art; tones, shades and lines. 

iC Murals provides a bridge between amazing artwork and interior design. Meticulously curated original paintings,  reproduced on premium adhesive vinyl, or canvas. Real masterpieces by real Artists, delivered to your door and all with a simple 4-Step Installation.  Our durable self-adhesive murals cling to your wall without damaging it.

Our Murals and Decals are great for art lovers, interior designers or homes and businesses looking to elevate their space.  A boutique gallery vibe showcasing international Artists.  Real masterpieces by real Artists, delivered to your door and all with a simple 4-Step Installation.  Our durable self-adhesive murals cling to your wall without damaging it. When you move, bring your mural with you. 

      Product Detail Features: 

  • Re-Positional Material Is Safe For Walls
  • Clean Surface, Peel, Trim, & Apply
  • Adheres To Most Smooth Flat Surfaces
  • No Tape, Paste, Nails, or Tacks Required!
  • Commercial Grade Vinyl Resists Tears, Rips & Fading
  • Enter your wall measurements below for pricing.(Traditional wallpaper also available)

Have questions, please Email Or Call Us At; info@icmurals.com

We Can Be Reached By Phone @ 415-900-4ART. (4278)


"Sting like a Bee" by Patrick Smith



Before you begin there are a few things to keep in mind. We recommend a second person to help install your mural and be sure to inspect your wall. Your wall mural requires a smooth surface to ensure adhesion and proper appearance.

Step 1 - Prep The Wall

Smooth out any bumps and fill any cracks in the wall. Remove all switch plates and wall fixtures. Clean the surface with a warm. damp towel so the mural will stick directly to the wall, avoiding any dust or residue on the surface. 

Step 2 - Peel & Stick

Measure and mark your preferred mural position on the wall. Peel the backing a few inches down away from the top of the mural. Apply the back of the mural to the wall and press it down. 

Step 3 - Eliminate Excess Material

Once the mural is completley  adhered to the wall, cut back any excess material around ceilings, trim and wall edges. Use a straightedge and a sharp blade for the best results. Cut slowly, and carefully. 

For More Information, Check Out Our Installation Page


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