Zoom "A Village Where Women Rule"
Zoom "A Village Where Women Rule"

"A Village Where Women Rule"

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"A Village Where Women Rule" by Jimmy James Greene 

Women fighters in Dahomey in 1897. The Kingdom of Dahomey was a West African power that drew comparisons to Sparta. European visitors praised its women fighters: She-soldiers. Medusas. Spinster warriors. Or Amazons, as they were called in Benin.  

Greene’s latest series, “Ancestral Layers,” is a hybrid of his colorful abstract collages layered under representational transparent paintings on plexiglass. “Ancestral Layers” gives you a front seat to our historical excellence. We all live in layers; our past informs our present. We live within multiple layers. It’s personal, it’s familiar, it’s racial and it’s about culture and class. It’s all that at once and it affects everyone. You can’t swim in the water and not get wet. 

iC Murals provides a bridge between amazing artwork and interior design. Meticulously curated original paintings,  reproduced on premium adhesive vinyl, or canvas. Our Murals and Decals are great for art lovers, interior designers or homes and businesses looking to upgrade their space.  A boutique gallery vibe with international Artists.  Real artist. Real masterpieces, all with a simple 4-Step Installation.  Our durable self-adhesive murals cling to your wall without damaging it. When you move, bring your mural with you. 

      Product Details Features

  • Re-Positional Material Is Safe For Walls
  • Clean Surface, Peel, Trim, & Apply
  • Adheres To Most Smooth Flat Surfaces
  • No Tape, Paste, Nails, or Tacks Required!
  • Commercial Grade Vinyl Resists Tears, Rips & Fading

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(Traditional wallpaper also available)

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"A Village Where Women Rule"



Before you begin there are a few things to keep in mind. We recommend a second person to help install your mural and be sure to inspect your wall. Your wall mural requires a smooth surface to ensure adhesion and proper appearance.

Step 1 - Prep The Wall

Smooth out any bumps and fill any cracks in the wall. Remove all switch plates and wall fixtures. Clean the surface with a warm. damp towel so the mural will stick directly to the wall, avoiding any dust or residue on the surface. 

Step 2 - Peel & Stick

Measure and mark your preferred mural position on the wall. Peel the backing a few inches down away from the top of the mural. Apply the back of the mural to the wall and press it down. 

Step 3 - Eliminate Excess Material

Once the mural is completley  adhered to the wall, cut back any excess material around ceilings, trim and wall edges. Use a straightedge and a sharp blade for the best results. Cut slowly, and carefully. 

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