iC Murals is where fine art meets interior design. 

We specialize in high definition large adhesive prints, reproduced on the highest quality adhesive canvas and vinyl materials. Our online gallery exhibits unique and diverse pieces of art by a global community of emerging artists. 

iC Murals was founded by artists who wanted to deliver the gallery experience directly to your home or office. 

With iC Murals, once your walls are prepped, it is a simple 3 step process to transform any space and will not cause damage to your walls.

iC Murals is an Artist’s haven. The art to adhesive canvas transition is flawless. Our printers are experts in maintaining the integrity of each piece.

We invite you to wander through and explore our boutique gallery to discover your personal masterpiece!  

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At iC Murals, "The Future of Art, is Outside the Frame"!