Zoom Landscape Sizing - Featuring Forrest and Alexis

Landscape Sizing - Featuring Forrest and Alexis

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 All pricing includes custom artwork and your choice of canvas size.

Our team of Artists are masters of all mediums. Digital portraits are created using the same fundamentals as traditional paintings. We don’t simply use filters; instead, we have one of our highly trained professional artists, use a special tablet and pixel color blends for more natural, realistic tones. Our artists use the same methods in every medium, minus the preparation and clean up time. 


If you have a special flower, bird, car or theme you'd like us to include in your portrait, simply upload all images you'd like added and fill out the custom order form on this page. Our visionary team will assist you in bringing your ideas to life.


At iC Murals we specialize in creating powerful, meaningful and inspirational pieces that are harmonious in your home and/or business space. 


If you'd like to speak to someone live, call or text;


1- 415-900-4ART, to schedule a consultation.




The Artists creates a sketch, shades and paints your portrait on a digital canvas. We also offer different mediums, such as oil and water color finishes.  In order to craft an authentic portrait painting, we have our special techniques. All digital paintings aren't created equal. This captures the unique details you wish to see in your portrait.



Custom portraits, which reflect the pricing below can have up to four people or pets, other subjects are accepted as well. More elaborate themes or images with detailed clothing or backgrounds, will require a quote after submission. Portraits come with the color of your choice for background.


Clear photographs are necessary for our artists to capture the image in its entirety. See example below.


Your uploaded photos can include. People, animals, album covers, flowers, fruits, whatever you desire with no more than four subjects.

Each additional character/subject is $49.00.



We can also incorporate poetry or special words as a background  your custom painting for $19.99: see example.  Words are powerful and inspiring, let yours be the first words they see before starting the day.



Landscape Sizing - Featuring Forrest and Alexis